Torrey Valley History and Geology

     In Dubois, Wyoming archaeologists found many camp sites and petroglyphs near the Torrey Valley from that theSheepeaters left behind. This native civilization traveled between Torrey Creek and into the Gros Ventre. Acitent civilizations spent a lot of time in the Dubois area and that they would keep traveling back here to winter with the herds of sheep. It is belived that many tribes made petroglyphs and are considered sheepeaters if they hunted sheep and that was there main resource. The Sheepeaters followed the bighorn sheep around, living where the sheep lived, this is the reason you can find petroglyphs in the Dubois area. The Sheepeaters lived in the mountians where the petroglyphs are located. There is still living evidence that the Sheepeaters did live in this area because their wikiups still stand and you can find their soapstone or quartz bowls in many ares of this region. 

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